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Al Zohri Perfumery is a revival of the popular perfume mixes by one of Singapore's esteemed pioneers, Kiyai Haji Ahmad Zohri bin Mutammim.

Kiyai Zohri was best known for his contributions to Islamic scholarship and the Muslim community in Singapore. His roles and services to Singapore include being an Imam, astronomer, Naib Qadhi and Fatwa Committee Member in MUIS.

On the side, Kiyai Zohri picked up the art of perfume layering (scent-mixing) from his circle of good friends round the Arab Street and North Bridge Road vicinity, commonly knownas Kampong Jawa.

He then shared his 'minyak wangi' creations through his network, which were well received by the community circa mid 1960's to the 1980's.

Kiyai Zohri passed down the art of perfume layering and his book of perfume recipes to his children.